Saturday, 14 July 2012

Children of Fate

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Part I
As you may be aware I’m no writer by any means of the expression. Neither do I claim to be the authority on any of subjects elaborated on within context of this opinions’ piece. Everything you read here serves as an articulation of a myriad thoughts I’ve supressed in respect to opinions being no more than the regular occurrences of individual minds. Today, I decide to verbalize a streak of curiosity I’ve held captive over a considerable tide.

Delving deep into the caverns of my curiosity, human insufficiencies and the model paradox it pro-creates. As humans we’re trained to question stimuli in the universe we let our minds see. Leaving alone the world we simply can’t and choose not to comprehend despite being the ‘evolved’ organism. Do we ever question our own curiosities? Does it come from a place of not knowing or is it awareness that lets you sleep at night? Do you ever wonder why you want to know, why you crave safety not from despair, pain, loss but from uncertainty of subsequent changes to your psyche and existence tying directly to a ‘real world’  variation. Why am I questioning my own questions? How am I reluctantly able to step on a parallel plane of thought and intercept the motive of my very instigation? Maybe it’s true; we’re rooted too deeply in our conditional thinking. We adopt not to see or acknowledge the parameters of our mental safety. Life is simpler this way, isn’t it? Or is it even? Letting the curiosity manifest in and of itself, I’m going to step outside the ‘safe zone’ to explore my insecurity.

From Infancy, our most treasured ability is our capacity to communicate by means of sounds, gestures and physical expressions. Growing in a world built on these very foundations, we’ve grown to never examine its shortcomings i.e. deceit by tone and transcription. What if human retention kept us from discovering the sheer possibilities of our mental eco system? Other modes of expressing and/ or delivering your stance?

If you think about it, much like a computer or a circuit board, the human mind formulates what we call an opinion, expression via a complex tree of Yes’s and No’s’. Think about it! It’s a simple decision making circuit, applied to a very complex process tree almost like computing pipe lines. Liken the human species to a computer network, operating on the exact same architecture across the entire frame work. What if we all spoke this one language? Maybe realised tradition and culture serve as a mere memory of a behavioural past?
When you break it down, language Is but an audio formula, accept it! Religion is a dying man’s call for Hope. Give it a minute!... the colour of your skin is what’s known as a genetic characteristic. So, the scattered existence and development of humans as a species justify the various languages we speak, our distinct behaviour we relate idealistically to religion. So what about the difference in appearance? As you might have noticed, no two persons of identical colour profile look alike. The profile exists much like a catalogue of approximation. Relating this to our oldest, carbon blue print – bacteria, why do different types of bacteria exist? The ulterior motive of the question being, the answer might actually be a lot older than most of us may like to realise.

In our core nature, we’re taught and have grown to arrive at discrepancies to validate the importance of our individual existences. As a child, you’re taught; family, language, religion, geographic region, affinities, insecurities and hate on an existing platter of bias. As adults, hard as we try, mental thought procedures remain intact, the human machine. When sign language evolves to become uniform across regions by geography, why do the ‘capable beings’ forget language and religion formulate from basic human instinct? Their variations; an emanation of an isolated, less capable species that by-produced what we now call tradition and culture – separation by requirement.

Thoughts, opinions and personalities being the natural consequence of a device that operates on a fuel known as blood – the brain. Living their lives in separation and discreet hatred, envisioning an afterlife of repercussions. When the blood stops, so does the brain, your personality, your thoughts, race, religion, language, colour, species and now the adage of a once functioning organism. Possibly the bacterium of a bigger system, so small so invisible. Just like the resource recycling gifts of our paradigm – Bacteria. Functional with thoughts, existence for an end, dead like we are. Wretched Human.

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