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Skrillex - More Monsters and Sprites Review - B5RCL5Y

Skrillex - More Monsters And Sprites

It's finally here. The remixed EP follow up to late 2010's Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites. The EP consists of 3 new tunes with an added bonus 4 remixes featuring the previous EP's title song. The much popular Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites. 

The EP in its entirety is as brutal, melodious and relentless as every other tune Sonny Moore previously laid his hands on. Expect no less from the young, tattooed bass line prodigy. Keeping business brief, The 3 new melodies are in a class of their own. 

1. First Of The Year (Equinox) - being my personal favourite, followed closely by a Full Flex (whatever that may mean) version of;
2. Ruffneck  - a tune slightly inspired by the post-Reggae Garage movement. The FULL Flex version is what can be described as a play on dubstep. But only in a good way.
3. Ruffneck - the not FULL Flex version. A song that proudly credits its Caribbean nurturing, a unique blend of hooks and catchy beats.

Moving on to the rest of what's to come.
I recommend you listen to this EP preview.

The 4 remixes come into form, being exclusive re-works of Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites.
Courtesy of electronic heavy weights;

Dirtyphonics - if man could fly, this is how I assume it would likely feel. 
Kaskade - being the one I just couldn't completely wrap my head around. 
The Juggernaut - an absolute dubstep treat. Half way in, the song definitely takes a step in the opposite direction unleashing its full arsenal of heavy bass-line hard hitters. 

The most interesting of the remixes is a tune I like to think of as a musical experiment that's 50% song, 200% genius. Just when the song hits its stride, you'll be left with nothing but a replay button and heartache for so much more of all that goodness you just witnessed.
Give it a listen. Phonat - Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites Remix.

The Verdict.
It's Great. Buy it.

Buying the album on iTunes comes with a bonus music video to Rock N' Roll (Will Take You to The Mountain).

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